Our Clients

Each StratFI client is unique, but every one of them expects more than conventional wisdom from their investment advisor.

A Diverse Clientele

Our clients range from conservative retirees to young and tech-savvy individuals; we also serve trusts and estates. StratFI's clients share the following characteristics:

  • Their portfolios are above $500,000.
  • They seek to obtain exceptional results over both intermediate- and long-term timeframes.
  • They expect a disciplined approach to navigating risk and opportunity.

Unique Needs

StratFI's clients have a wide range of investment objectives, and we take pride in customizing investment portfolios based on their distinct requirements. Our portfolios can be built to emphasize asset appreciation or income generation; they can be tailored for aggressive investors or conservative investors. And we can create socially responsible portfolios as well.

Forward Looking

StratFI's clients aren't content to simply respond to events in the markets. They want to be prepared for both opportunities and challenges--before they present themselves.

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