Investment Management

StratFI's forward-looking, multi-disciplinary investment process sets us apart from our competitors.

A Focus on the Future

StratFI stands for "Strategic Foresight Investments."  We look at developing trends in order to seize opportunity and avoid risk. Our decision-making process is based on a continual and careful study of three kinds of trends:

  • Strategic STEEP Trends. We monitor change in six different areas (Social, Technological, Economic, Ecological and Political) to identify long-term opportunities.
  • Financial Trends. Accounting and economic data provide valuable information for intermediate-term decisions.
  • Investor Confidence Trends. Analysis of market sentiment provides insight into shorter-term price movements.

A Disciplined Process

Having carefully analyzed core trends, StratFI applies a rigorous screening process to identify companies that are poised to provide exceptional performance. Our investment selection decisions are based on fundamental analysis -- relative valuation multiples, revenue growth and profitability. We use a range of additional criteria as well, including competitive analysis, comparative financial strength, and price momentum.

Balanced Portfolios

StratFI uses careful diversification in order to manage portfolio risk. That includes maintaining an appropriate balance of investments across sectors and industries. Furthermore, we will periodically adjust exposure to the market in order to protect capital.

Other Approaches

We also provide expertise in the management of mutual funds and ETFs. We use a disciplined approach to monitor the performance of these investments and will recommend changes when needed to provide improved performance for client accounts.

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