Our Process


We begin our client relationships by learning about your financial situation and investment objectives. We discuss your comfort level with risk and the timeframe in which you wish to achieve your goals. And we explain:
  • What we do
  • How we're paid
  • What our respective responsibilities will be


Analyzing the information we've obtained, we mutually agree on the best course to reach your investment goals. We then meet with you in order to:
  • Explain our recommendations
  • Listen to your feedback
  • Explain potential adjustments due to changing conditions


Once an investment management client signs off on our recommendations, it's time for implementation. StratFI typically implements all recommendations for our clients.


With our recommendations implemented, we transition into continual monitoring of your portfolio's progress. We maintain the flexibility to adjust your portfolio as necessitated by changes in factors such as:
  • Your personal situation
  • Market and economic trends
  • Performance of individual holdings

Complimentary Review