Let's Talk About the One-Percent

  • James H. Lee

It is 24/7 politics on the internet and everyone is talking about the "one-percent." The first question that comes up is "who are they?" usually followed by, "how can I be a part of that group, too?"

If you have a hundred friends, the chances are good that that you already know someone in the one-percent. (If you are reading this newsletter, the odds are even better.)

In my small home city of Wilmington, we probably have 700+ people in the one-percent. They can't all be bad.

Some career choices help stack the deck in your favor. Here is a list of top paying jobs:

Best Paid Jobs

If you have ever wondered what percent you are in, here is a link for you .

Based on my twenty-five years of experience in financial planning, I've generally found that people become wealthy in one of three ways:

1) They are business owners
2) They own real estate
3) They invest in stocks (Yes, I can help with this!)

Each of these approaches take time, effort, and savvy. Each requires a careful management of expenses and sometimes a little patience. No one earns their wealth overnight. Luck plays a role, but maybe not as much as you might think.

Getting the right advice is essential.