Solving the Puzzle of Sustainable Success

  • James H. Lee


Make money, have fun, be excellent.  This is all you that you really need to know to have a sustainable and fulfilling career.  So simple, yet many people lose sight of this. 

Let's face it, making money is the reason why most of us go to work. If your business isn't generating cash flow and paying the bills, you won't be in business for too long... 

Having fun is about maintaining positive relationships.  This attracts new customers and makes work pleasant and joyful.  Lose sight of this and you'll eventually burn-out. 

Being excellent involves becoming your own best competition.  It is about staying focused and engaged in your work, and always striving to make the world a better place.  Remember that you can't grow if you aren't willing to stretch a little! 

This is a package deal - each part makes the others possible.  Make a promise to do these three things every day and watch your life flourish. 

-Jim Lee, CFA, CMT, CFP