Koans for Futurists

  • James H. Lee

KoanWhat is harder than finding the right answers?  Asking the right questions.

In Zen Buddhism, a koan is a short story or question that is simply worth meditating on.  There might not necessarily be a single good answer, but the process of contemplating the question itself is a worthwhile pursuit that may lead to sudden insights or enlightenment.

Futurists tend to be "big picture" thinkers.  However, some puzzles are too complex for any one of us to solve. 

Here are a few....

•What is work without employment?

•What is the role of men in a culture with less need for risk-taking, physicality, or territoriality?

•How does one conform within a post-modern society?

•What is rare within an economy of abundance?


 And the big one for the next century...

•What does it mean to be human?