Finding the Sweet Spot in Your Life

  • Jim Lee
In the last blog post, we covered the five stages of successful retirement.  It all begins with a (sometimes) optional step of personal reinvention.  This would be any time in your life when you might ask yourself, "who do I want to be want to be when I grow up?"
It can happen in your twenties, your forties, or your sixties.  Think of reinvention as your own personal "do-over".  
In Japan, there is this wonderful and useful concept of  ikigai .  In a broad sense, this means "reason for being".  More specifically, it is comprised of two words, "iki" (life, being), and gai (fruit, worth, use).  Everyone has an ikigai.  Finding it requires a journey of self-discovery.   
Ikigai illustrated
Jim Lee, CFA, CMT, CFP®
Founder, StratFI